Welcome to Gawaling Hotel

Gawaling Hotel is located near special attractions thanks to the historical Rinpung Dzong - The fortress of the heap of jewels. In a picturesque scene of terrains, rolling hills, majestic slopes, Gawaling offers the spectacular views of the emblematic and impressive fortress. It has cool open space perfectly complemented by the river (Dhou chhu) and the best view of apple orchards and paddy field terraces. The hotel blends the natural...


The superb dining options complete the experience of the guests. All the amenities of a deluxe hotel awaits its guests. The dining serves international cuisine of international standards. It can accumulate about 80 guests at a time. Guests can expect the most professional and dedicated services from Gawaling Hotel. The dining is available for private functions.


The Wine Gallery offers a relaxing environment with a casual atmosphere that makes the guests feel right at home. It offers a feast for the senses with Bhutan made wines and an extensive collection of wines. It blends local specialty fare for unforgettable tastes. You can explore new wines with your friends and loved ones. The friendly staff will welcome the guests with a warm smile.


The gift shop offers a wide range of great gifts. Give your friends and loved one's wellness and outstanding culture with an overnight stay at Gawaling. It has Bhutan's innovation that makes a good place to buy the textiles of Bhutan. It offers a wide variety of crafts from natural dyed-fabrics, intricate textiles, appliqué based paintings, and unique postal stamps.

Gift shop

The priceless quality of foodservice is one of the fundamental values of the Gawaling Hotel. It has been providing services and amenities that have already become legendary. Led by an experienced chef, the hotel offers all kinds of dishes from the continental to exotic including the finest of Indian, Chinese and western cooking. The hotel ensures food safety and quality for the guests all the time. The guests are becoming increasingly curious.

Food Service

The lobby decorated by Bhutanese traditional antiques offers a fundamentally different world of experience to connoisseurs seeking novelty, sensation, and exclusivity. At night, space is illuminated with dramatic lighting. The lobby adds value to the identity of Bhutan which is a great tool for cultural attraction. It displays the rich culture and tradition as the pride of Bhutan. For guests, it is perhaps the best way to experience the amazing culture of Bhutan.

The lobby features a gift shop and the bar is a must-visit destination for cocktail lovers.


Gawaling Hotel has served as the meeting place. It became a favourite meeting place for tourists due to the wonderful location next to the dzong for the outstanding atmosphere. It is a perfect spot for the corporate, board, business meetings, and other training. The conference room has additional services and amenities that can cater to 70 to 80 people for any functions. It can easily be converted to meet your every requirement with fully equipped facilities.

Conference hall